Pink Responds To A Basher Who Said She “Sucks”

People expect performers and other icons to be 100% well all the time. They can’t make mistakes, and they have to be flawless. In reality, superstars sometimes struggle, get sick, and just like any human being, experience moments of downtime. American Singer, Pink, was to sing America’s National Anthem during the Super Bowl at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. And just like any live performers, Pink didn’t get away from catching the flu days before her performance.

The 38-year-old pop singer revealed her fear of not sounding 100% well in rendering the national anthem. Fortunately, as versatile as a singer that she is, she succeeded in giving a stunning rendition to the whole US Bank Station. Pink’s Super Bowl Performance was total lit!

But before the superstar began her performance, cameras had captured Pink spitting out something. The video went viral at that moment on social media. Later, she revealed it was a throat lozenge.

Pink admitted on ET that she wasn’t sure of her performance—singing live and stricken with flu.

However, almost everyone who has witnessed her performance on social media appreciated Pink’s rendition. Even Willow, her 6-year-old daughter, thought she sounded great.

No performance ever gets away with critics and bashers, yes. One posted on twitter how Pink “sucks” and called other people “dumb” if they like her to sing.

Pink got the best response to her detractor saying it’s okay if she sucks, at least while singing the national anthem of the country. And that hater sucks by herself, alone on a dirty couch.

Carey Hart, the singer’s husband, proudly posted a photo with a caption praising Pink. Carey admired his wife’s firm character as she was able to get through a week of sickness and even losing her voice.

Carey thought it would break ordinary people to have such struggles as Pink. He also emphasized that Pink was singing it live.


Photo: CBS – Entertainment Tonight