Mother With Son Having A Tantrum Helped By All-Women Strangers

Traveling with young children can pose a challenge to parents. For a young pregnant mother traveling alone, this can be especially stressful. Such had happened to a young woman recently at the Los Angeles International Airport, chronicled by Beth Bornstein Dunnington. Her airport story showed a lovely turnabout with a touching and powerful message.

Last February 2, a pregnant mother was traveling alone with her son who refused to board a flight. Unfortunately for her, her toddler who looked over a year old began having a tantrum and gave her a difficult time.

She couldn’t pick her son up because he would run away from her, lie on the floor, and kick and scream. The mother, tired and overwhelmed with the situation, sat on the floor and cried with her head in her hands.

Photos: Pixabay / mradsami; Wikimedia / Bidgee

Facebook / Beth Bornstein Dunnington

Facebook / Beth Bornstein Dunnington

Pixabay / mradsami

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Wikimedia / Bidgee

Dunnington, a mother of two, witnessed the situation and immediately went to the young woman’s aid. To her surprise, around six or seven women, all strangers to each other and evidently mothers, joined her in gathering around the mother and toddler too.

Dunnington sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to the boy; another woman was peeling an orange for him while another woman gave him a toy to play with. A woman gave the boy’s mother a bottle of water and another helped the mother get the sippy cup in her bag and delivered it to the boy.

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The young mom and her son were able to board their flight, but not before the woman thanked the women who helped her profusely. After they boarded, the women went back to their respective seats and didn’t speak about it.

All these women were merely strangers from different walks of life, but the responsibility of motherhood had brought them together.