Disturbing Video Of A Parent Kissing 11-Year-Old Child

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., the quarterback of New England Patriots, received mixed comment about the video of him kissing his 11-year-old boy. To some, they find the incident inappropriate and disturbing but Tom Brady called it a peck. It happened when Tom Brady was getting his massage when his son Jack Brady came in to check on the standing of his fantasy football team. But instead of answering, Tom asked his son if what he can get.

After the first kiss and while Jack is about to leave, Tom’s therapist said to the boy with a smile that every single favor has its corresponding cost. Then, Tom Brady added that the kiss was just like a peck, so Jack, who was about to step out from the room, returned upon hearing his father’s words and gave another kiss. The second kiss was noticeably longer than the first one.

A few New Yorkers were asked and shared their comments about this scene in “Tom vs. Time.”

Parrish Watson of Parkchester thought the kiss was really disturbing and it was quiet long which makes it looks like a romantic one. Another New Yorker father did not find anything wrong with that kiss.

Kurt Czaplinski said that he also kisses his son on the lips since the beginning. He also added that he has no problem with that issue since for him there will be no problem if his son will be kissing him in the same manner.

Lyss Stern, lifestyle and parenting expert, also did not find anything wrong with the kiss that the father and son shared. She even said that if parents kiss their kids too much, it’s the wrong thing. And if they do kiss their kids too little, it’s still the wrong thing. If you they embrace too much—people should back off and end parent-shaming.”

There is no comment from Tom Brady regarding this issue. He probably did not find anything wrong with it.

Photos: Facebook / Tom vs. Time | Instagram / Tom Brady