Cashier Tries And Fails To Scam An Actual Undercover Cop

Being lucky enough to win lotto is one thing but being scammed while trying to claim your prize is another. Do not overestimate people’s morals when it comes to money regardless of how much it is. Often, people tend to be easily blinded and tempted by the easiest way to get money.

But, this was the case for the Winn Dixie Liquors cashier in Fort Myers, Florida. Crystelle Yvette Baton was the cashier on duty when what she thought was an unsuspecting man tried to cash in his winning lotto ticket. When the 42-year-old woman checked the ticket, she found out that the ticket has a price value of $600.

Wanted the winning lotto ticket for herself, she reportedly informed the man that it was only worth $5 instead of telling him how much money he won. She then gave the man the supposedly $5 winning from her purse.

Thinking she got away with her shameless scheme, she hid the winning lotto ticket between the pages of her notebook. The man left without any complaint, and Crystelle thought it was a triumph on her part.

Unfortunately for her, her victory didn’t last long because the man came back to the grocery store. The lotto winner approached the register and disclosed his true identity and whom he was working. It turned out that it was a covert stint by the “unsuspecting” man.

From this story, you should learn not to be gullible because if you do you’re making yourself an easy target for frauds and scammers alike. Watch the full video of how the whole thing played out. Share and spread this news as a caution to your friends to avoid scammers.

Footage provided by WFTS Tampa